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WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!  I still can’t believe the size of  Winstar Casino in Thackerville,  Oklahoma. The Winstar is the third largest casino in the nation with over 6500 slot machines and a twelve story hotel.  Plus it what a fun atmosphere.  The entire casino is sectioned off and themed into large cities like Rome, Paris, New York, or Bejing. Once  you enter the Winstar, you’ll forget you’re in Oklahoma. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re on a world tour.   Throughout the casino there are exceptional restaurants located in the gaming plazas including Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill and Panda Express.  But as you know, this slot playing woman is only interested in casino buffets.

As  soon as our bus arrived, Tillie started looking for the cowboy of her dreams. As for me, I headed straight to the Firehouse Buffet. From classic American to Italian or southern home-cooking, I quickly filled my tummy.  My picky taste buds were tickled as well. The Firehouse Buffet provides an amazing assortment of goodies.  I particularly liked the fried chicken and cornbread muffins.  Fortunately, I was able to stop myself from having two helpings of their blueberry cobbler, but it was a bit of a struggle I have to admit.

When Take a Chance tours arrived back in Chicago, I immediately tried to replicate their fantastic cobbler.  Give it a try!  I’m pretty sure it’s a winner.

Tradewinds Buffet
Treasure Island Resort and Casino
Welch, Minnesota
Great Value, Great Taste

Rated Five Popped Buttons!!!!!

The Take A Chance crew headed to Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Welch, Minnesota this week.  From South Side Chicago, it’s approximately 370 miles and is an hour south of the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area. Yes, yes I know there is a Treasure Island in Las  Vegas, but TI in Minnesota is not only a decade older, it’s just as spectacular.  The resort is nestled near the Mississippi river and features a 480 room hotel, a casino with over 2400 slots, numerous table games, a “Cosmic” bowling alley, and a marina.  The boat slips are handy for those millionaires who come in on their yacht, or for penny slot players like me who hope to win enough jackpots to leave in one.

As soon as we arrived, our driver Tillie ran off toward the penny slots. I headed immediately  to Tradewinds, the Caribbean marketplace themed buffet.  It wasn’t just the outdoor temperature outside that had me rushing toward anything tropical (12 degrees about zero when we arrived. Brrr).  Even in the summer, I’d scurry to the buffet as quickly as possible.

I waited in line for around five minutes before being seated. Not a bad wait at all, considering the price for a weekday lunch buffet was only $9.99.  Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere was fun and festive.  My server immediately appeared and was super friendly in that Minnesota sort of way…Me, “Can I have coffee with cream?”  My server, “Yeah, you betcha!”  But I didn’t wait for it to be delivered.  Instead, I headed toward the greens. 

The salad bar had all the good things you expect these days.  A spring green mix, fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, bins of cut up veggies, olives, seeds, bacon bits, beets, croutons, sunflower seeds, chopped eggs, etc., etc.,  I piled my plate so high, I was afraid I’d turn in Gretel, leaving a trail behind me as I walked. But, I managed to make it back to the table without spilling.

For my main feasting, I sampled a variety of goodies.  In the summer,  Take A Chair will be heading to Tunica, Mississippi and I decided to get a start on one of my favorite cuisines - Cajun. The Cajun catfish  at Tradewinds had just the right of kick.  I grabbed a half-a dozen chilled shrimp and fell totally in love with the Salmon with Pesto Sauce.  A bit of Cajun/Italian fusion cooking that hit the spot.

For a side dish, I chose sweet potatoes and made sure I had at least one of the tiny marshmallows that laced the top.  I maybe the only person who counts calories in a buffet, but I do.  Running a tour operation specializing in casino junkets requires discipline. Not only do I have to stay within my gambling budget, I stay within my calorie limit. It’s not as easy as it would seem, as long as I do it every day, single day. Plus the diet ap on my cellphone really helps.

Next time when I at Treasure Island I will visit the Mongolian BBQ station in Tradewinds.  I can choose from a myriad of fresh ingredients for the chef to prepare.  Of course There’s always spring rolls, as well as other Asian Delights.  The American station includes such traditional foods as mashed potatoes and carved turkey or ham. 

And yes, I did eat desert. Life’s too short not to.  I gravitated towards the large selection of  sugar free treats.  I picked up a peach pie and dabbed the top of it with a swirl of soft vanilla ice cream.  Although the crust looked tasty, I avoided it and only ate the fruit filling.  That way I can feel like I’ve sinned and redeemed myself at the same time.

My favorite dish at Tradewinds turned out to be the Salmon with Pesto Sauce.  How do I decide that? I couldn't stop thinking about it, even when I was playing Double Bonus Poker. When the tour arrived back in Chicago, I headed to the nearest grocery and bought ingredients to replicate it.  I posted the recipe on the blog. Just click on the recipe link and you should be able to find it.  (Oh, and for those  who are keeping track, I was down 40 bucks when I left Treasure Island, but that was for a three-day visit.  A little over ten bucks a day for fun, food and bowling. It doesn’t get any better than that.  And our driver Tillie hit a jackpot!  $300,00, which knowing Tillie,  means a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret.)

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